Friday, August 17, 2012

What are You Nuts! Part DEUX

This is the version that I was able to animate finally.  There where several hiccups along the way while working on this assignment.  the first idea I imagined which I posted the still for earlier.  The Professor and I both agreed this was not working in its context and I could think of something better.  The second version that I then went with was going fine and then some how the file became corrupt or some sort of issue with the project files possibly.  But every time I would save Maya would crash and then I would try to work on the file again all the characters broke all apart and nothing was usable.  It was pretty crazy honestly.  So I was able to make the version here above with Malcolm from Animaschool. Thanks to my buddy Zak for the voice work.  This is not the final I know I will have some tweaks to fix once it is graded and then I can hopefully get it on my reel once it is corrected.  

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