Monday, July 30, 2012

Monster WIP

Ok Folks! Here's the deal, this is the first time posting a work in progress for an assignment.  I will get a review tomorrow in class to do any kind of tweaking and last min. changes so there will be some problems til then.  This is also the first time posting an animation on my blog especially since I keep promising them.  Well hope you all enjoy what is done so far.  I was able to restart the assignment this morning so poof! some great progress today in sometime.  I usually do not like cramming all this work into one day when I had two weeks to animate a strong piece.  Trust me this is not a common practice of mine but it was for the better and love this one much more then the first go around.


Monday Begins

Monday morning and still plugging away at the work I've been doing.  Most recently I have been trying to iron out the kinks in the Monster dialogue that is to be turned in tomorrow.  I have had 2-3 weeks and have been working on it every day.  I'm at the point of scrapping the work I've done thus far.  When I showed it to my Professor he also felt that I was making it overly complicated and over keying everything.  I'm going to try and rework the keys but sometimes its just as easy to just restart it being you know the mistakes that you've already made.  Here goes nothing and hope to have it up soon and the other as well. Enjoy.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Monster In-Progress

A screen cap of the current animation I'm working on.  This is for Monster from the previous post today.  Still a work in progress so the giant character in the back is very rough and I will make some design changes if I am able to with the geometry.  -Enjoy



These are some rough thumbnails to get my idea down onto paper.  As part of our Character class we are working on Dialogue and the performance of the character.  So this was my idea, Fishboy is playing with a large ball and from behind him steps a giant monster.  He then realizes in and becomes scared and to a point freezes up speaking the word monster?.....  Will post it once its been animated along with other ones as well.  I have some corrections to make on my last one before posting it up for the world to see. Enjoy


Monday, July 23, 2012

Getting in Shape

Posting the first run of designs for my thesis film.  Not so much worried about the look right yet such as details but more of what is the most appealing body shape/design.  Of these that I have roughed out Im starting to like the two at the bottom of the page, they just seem to have a good feel about them and feel solid for the first designs for two viking characters.  As always comments and suggestions are always welcome from fellow artists.

Friday, July 20, 2012

A-little Posing goes a long way

This was an assignment for Character II class with taking real images of people as reference, and would then apply it to the rig as seen above to push it as far as we could.  These are the three poses I submitted and where the strongest of the six we made.  This is the Fish Boy rig from Andrew Conroy who so kindly made it available for people.  Here is Andrew's blog definitely worth checking out.  ( Andrew

Monday, July 16, 2012

Oh My it's July!!!

Been super busy it seems like between classes and side projects.  Been work on a lot of great projects that coming up this summer and this fall.  I have some concept art, two animations and with all of that comes the class work which has been awesome!  Once I get the work finished ill post a play-blast of it.  I'm also surprised how far the summer is going, its almost the middle of July!  Going to be a great summer!!