Sunday, August 26, 2012

ITs More Designs!

HEre are some more design Ideas for my thesis film.  Still fleshing out the characters and features of each so that it will be a nice transition from 2D to 3D.  Also a little guest doodle from my buddy Zak. Haha.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

It's A Bust!!...Sort of..

This is a quick miniature sculpture of on of my character's head.  Im not all that pleased with the way it looks nor his design.  Granted that I need some more work on my thesis characters and designs.  I wanted to post a little something showing some progress.  Im hoping to get some actual miniature models made for the modelers to work from so they know what to work off of and also maybe even for the expression sheets.  -Enjoy


Friday, August 17, 2012

What are You Nuts! Part DEUX

This is the version that I was able to animate finally.  There where several hiccups along the way while working on this assignment.  the first idea I imagined which I posted the still for earlier.  The Professor and I both agreed this was not working in its context and I could think of something better.  The second version that I then went with was going fine and then some how the file became corrupt or some sort of issue with the project files possibly.  But every time I would save Maya would crash and then I would try to work on the file again all the characters broke all apart and nothing was usable.  It was pretty crazy honestly.  So I was able to make the version here above with Malcolm from Animaschool. Thanks to my buddy Zak for the voice work.  This is not the final I know I will have some tweaks to fix once it is graded and then I can hopefully get it on my reel once it is corrected.  

Monday, August 13, 2012


Here is a complied image of several designs I did for a good friend's upcoming film.  His story is about a chef  and the visuals that he has started to create look great too.  Here is a link to his personal site  Stephan has some great work and I'm looking forward to the chef being modeled in 3D.  On the topic of designs, I should be finalizing my thesis films characters and will post them on here hopefully soon.  Once I speak with my Professor about the story.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Its a Title & Logo!

This little ditty above is the Title & Font that will be used for my Thesis here at SCAD.  In short its about two fisherman/sailors out on the ocean and fight over the last Lime they have.  Still working on the quick tag line but it is moving forward swimmingly.  It all seems to falling into place.  Found this Font the title fit with the film idea, got a great team started with modelers, lighters, texture artists, animators and storyboard artists and MORE!  This font that I am currently using was discovered on again and was created and made available by  They will be credited in the film as well for the use. Enjoy.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Blog Header

I meant to post this earlier once I designed it.  The font which you see I can not take credit for it was freeware from, but I did design the placement of the fonts and color scheme.  Next on the header is the light bulb.  I created this to go with the title of my blog "Ideas from the Attic" where the bulb represents the ideas.  I wanted to place a lit brain to represent the attic part being that the title is suggesting my ideas from the brain/head/upstairs. Any ways just wanted to explain and post about it if anyone had been wondering. Enjoy.



This is a key from my most current animation using the rigs Malcolm from Animschool and the Hobo rig from  Animationscout.  Hopefully by this time next week i can post a WIP of the animation once its timed out and more breakdowns/keys.  This is another dialogue piece like monster.  Only this time its four syllables and they are "What are you nuts!" voiced by my good buddy Zak Shapiro.  I will also be posting a corrected version of monster once i get the crit back from my Professor.  Enjoy